Belize Adventure Trail

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5 days / 4 nights from/to Belize City


Belize City

Day by Day

Day 01 Altun Ha - Baboon Sanctuary 

Meet your tour guide who will brief you during a tropical breakfast. Afterwards transfer to Altun Ha which is about an hour drive down the Old Northern Highway. Altun Ha means “rock stone pan” in modern-day Maya, it is thought to have been a commercial trading center between the waters of the Caribbean and the deep interior of the Mayan Civilization. The site consists of 500 structure including temples, residential buildings and altar all situated on just 1.8 acres. Continue via Burrell Boom to Belize’s most popular wildlife reserve Baboon Sanctuary where more than 1500 Black Howler Monkeys live on river banks in a jungle setting. Transfer to Banana Bank Lodge located nearby Belmopan. 
Overnight Hotel Banana Bank Lodge

Day 02 ATM cave

Early start for the most adventurous cave tour in Belize. Crossing several rivers we reach the entrance of Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, also locally known as "Xibalba", notable as a Maya archaeological site that includes skeletons, ceramics, and stoneware. They include the famous "Monkey Pot", one of only four located across Central America. There are several areas of skeletal remains in the main chamber. The best known is "The Crystal Maiden", the skeleton of a teenage girl, probably a sacrifice victim, whose bones have been calcified to a sparkling, crystallized appearance. Return to lodge. 
Overnight Hotel Banana Bank Lodge 

Day 03 Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve - Toledo 

Early departure from Banana Bank Lodge. We will drive on beautiful Hummingbird Highway, then heading on the Southern Highway until we reach a village called Maya Centre. From there we will drive up 6 miles through the jungle to the Headquarter of the Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve which is a nature reserve in south-central Belize established to protect the forests, fauna and watersheds of an approximately 400 square kilometre area of the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains. We will explore Flora and Fauna on the Tiger Fern Trail which will be a hike approx. 2 hours (one way). At the end we will have the chance to swim and refresh in the beautiful pools with waterfalls. We also have the possibility to do a shorter hike to another waterfall and Ben’s Bluff where we would have a great view over the Cockscomb Basin. Then we are heading back, driving more down south to the Toledo District where you will stay at cosy Hickatee Cottages for the overnight.

Day 04 Cacao Trail 

The Cacao Trail takes you into Toledo’s heartland, with its lush green interior blanketing the foothills of the Maya Mountains, and the traditional villages nestled throughout Toledo’s chocolate country! In this eco tour, you will visit the organic cacao orchards, where cacao is grown under the shade of indigenous trees, and alongside other crops, including pineapple, coffee, papaya, avocado and allspice. You will learn how the pods grow and are harvested, and the fermentation process which results in the beans that are the foundation of the famous Maya Gold organic chocolate—itself inspired by a local Mayan chocolate “kukuh” drink! Return to lodge. 
Overnight Hotel Hickatee Cottages

Day 5 Return to Belize City 

After breakfast, transfer to bus terminal for road transfer to Belize City or to Punta Gorda airstrip for Tropic Air flight to Belize City (optional).